Command & Conquer: Generals
+Zero hour



What kind of game is Command & Conquer?

Command & Conquer is a strategic war game.

Zero Hour is an expansion of Command & Conquer.

New in Zero Hour:
-Better and easier control of your army.
-More options.



Command & Conquer Zero Hour plays in the present. The goal is, of course, to conquer the world.

There are 3 campaign modes: GLA, USA en China.



C&C #1 (to be uploaded)


C&C #2 (to be uploaded)


System requirements?

Windows Xp. Vista and windows 7 may need to be run in compatibility mode.
800mz processor
32mb graphic card (128mb recommended by us)
1gb internal memory

This game is played over LAN using Hamachi.


Where can I buy this game?

* for 14,99.
*Command & Conquer seen for sale for 4,99 at Dynabyte and
*Command & Conquer + Zero Hour is part of the "First Decade" box of EA Games and is seen for sale for 29,99 at Dixons, Bart Smit, and Game Mania.
* First decade box: $19,99.



Up to 8 persons depending on the map and server.  

Written by: Mat Cauthon & Kayless

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