World of Warcraft



What kind of game is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG, created by Blizzard. Playing requires a Monthly fee or Game card activation (One or more months).

The Forsaken play on the server called "Dragonblight".



The game plays in a fictional world and is one of the largest and richest detailed games of the world!
You can choose to do or not do quests, play alone or with friends / people you meet ingame (alone is a lot harder), join dungeon runs, or boss-runs.

There are PvP and PVE servers...choose wisely ;-).



Garethbryne doing a quest


3 Forsaken questing together


System requirements?

Windows XP sp3, Vista. Windows 7 may need to be run in compatibility mode.
Processor: Intel 1.3gHz, AMD 1.5ghz
512 MB internal memory (Vista requires 1GB),
15 GB hard disk space,
Ati Radeon 7200 or better / Geforce 6600 or better.

Mac 10.4.11 or newer.
PowerPC G5 or Intel processor
Ati Radeon 9600 or better
1GB internal memory

Just guessing here...
Suse 10.3 or newer / latest Ubuntu
1gb internal memory
Ati Radeon 9200 or better / Geforce 6600 or better
Processor: Intel 1.3gHz, AMD 1.5ghz

This game is played Online via official Blizzard servers. As stated above Forsaken plays on the Dragonblight server.


Where can I buy this game?

* for 14,99.
*Bart Smit for 5,-
* for $ 19,-
*Blizzard's website

Note: there are several expansions that need to be bought additional to be able to play them, though you can enjoy the basic game up till lvl 70 and still be challenged.



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