Unreal Tournament



What kind of game is Unreal Tournament?

Unreal Tournament 1999 is the first Unreal Tournament from a series of now 3 very good shooters. The game was created by Epic Games and published by GT Interactive in 1998.

It is a first person shooter playing in a futuristic time.



You are a competitor to a very popular, extremely violent and deadly game. You are chosen to show what you've got!

Lan Gameplay: Capture the flag, teams, all against eachother, instagib, assault.



Unreal #1 (to be uploaded)


Unreal #2 (to be uploaded)


System requirements?

Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP. Vista and windows 7 may need to be run in compatibility mode.
At least a Pentium II,
64 mb internal memory,
600 mb hard disk space,
We advise using at least windows 98, 512mb internal memory, 128mb graphic card and pentium III.

Mac OS 7.6 or higher

This game is played over LAN using Hamachi.


Where can I buy this game?

* Unreal Anthology (I+II) 32,99

* Unreal Gold: $10,99

At other locations look for Unreal Tournament GOTY (Game Of The Year) edition.



Up to 16 players in LAN or online on the Tournament server. Possibility to play against AI, which makes this game the best in its genre.

Written by: Kayless & Mat Cauthon

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