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What kind of game is Tibia?

Tibia is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).

In the game you can be:

Each of these vocations has its own specialities and style of gameplay. It is up to you to find what best suits your own style.

A knight prefers to use melee weapons and will have to block attacks often using a spear, bow, or other distance weapon, while a paladin prefers to keep his or her distance, using spears, bows or other throwing and shooting weapons.

Druids and sorcerors mainly use magic; druids supportively and sorcerors offensively. You will be able to train your skills in the game, but as your level improves, the training will get more difficult.

The main aim of the game is to hunt a variety of monsters with other people. In fact, on a non-pvp server it is impossible to attack anything other than monstes. However, most servers are pvp-based, which means you will be able to attack other players. But be careful; too many unjustified kills will cause you to be banned from the game temporarily and too many bans will result in the removal of your account. Then again, there are also pvp enforced servers where you will gain experience for killing other players.

Obviously, the game is not just about gaining experience, making money and being feared or respected by others. There are also many quests and unsolved mysteries which keep hundreds of people busy on a daily basis. Organising a game-day with friends is highly appreciated and often servers will organise games, events and lotteries to remind people that there is more to the game than war, arguments and gaining experience.

Every now and then, there will be random Raids. You will be warned of these, in order to give the lower level characters a chance to seek safety and the higher level characters a chance to try and beat the raiding party. Often random raids will make rare items available, but it all depends on luck (otherwise the items would not be rare).

What makes Tibia more exciting is the high deathpenalty. You really do NOT want to die. Death will cost you a certain percentage of your total experience, based on your character level. This percentage also is taken away from your skills and magic levels! You can receive blessings in the game to reduce the deathpenalty, however It will still be a severe punishment. It may be more exciting for you to experience a dangrous situation. When you die, you will lose your backpack with everything in it and there is a chance that you lose 1 or more of your more prized possessions. However if you have received all blessings or if you are wearing an amulet of loss you will lose only the blessings or the amulet. Having all 5 blessings counts as wearing an AoL. Losing "just blessings and/or AoL" isn't something you will like, since they are all very expensive. Obviously, it is possible to go back to the place where you lost it to retrieve it, but the chance that you will die again, or that someone else has already found it, is very big. On the way you may be killed by your enemies when they find out you no longer wear your protective items, therefore having a spare amulet of loss is highly recommended.

A risk, but one that will keep the game exciting!



You are one of the 1000+ inhabitants of the server and can decide to work with others or to occupy yourself with one of the numerous possibilities.

So you are really part of a daily community, just like in real life! You can even own a house!



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System requirements?

Windows, Linux, or mobile phone! (this would be a different version called Tibia ME (Micro Edition) and of course an Internet connection.


Where can I get this game?

Download the game from:






The game is updated twice a year and you will receive plenty of information about updates ahead of the date. Patching is simple; log in and the client will automatically update.


Written by: Nathyn Nightwatcher

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