Hamachi--> what?

Hamachi is a (for individual users free) program which simulates a LAN. It is like all players are on the same Local Area Network, while in reality, you can be in different places, countries or, yes, even worlds.

This way, you can play games without an online server. (Or play with your friends without the possibility of strangers joining your game)

While using Hamachi, you will not be bothered with firewalls. Without Hamachi, you have to open the correct portals, otherwise people will not see the game you are hosting or you can not see the game you are looking for.

And which one of the several million portals is the one to open? Most games do not share this information with you.

That's why one of the Forsaken clanmembers registered several Hamachi Networks. Why several? Because per network there can be only 16 members. That means each Lan game must have it's own network, otherwise only 16 members can play these game, or the admin would have kick kick all members each session. Creating a network per game is easier and more user-friendly.

The Network names and passwords can be found at the forum in the game-topic "Hamachi".

How does it work? ---->

You log in on Hamachi at the agreed time. If the host has his or her game ready, he or she will send you a message (using Hamachi, or through other channels).

You copy his or her Hamachi network-ip by right-clicking and copying the name.

Next, you paste it in the game where it says LAN network tcp-ip number.

(Note: pasting will not work with some games. You will then have to write down the number, or you will have to have an excellent memory. We advise writing it down.)

Eureka, I get it. Where do I download Hamachi?


(Windows, Linux and OsX !!)