What is Fairyland?

Fairyland is a Free to Play (F2P) MMORPG, created by Lager, based in Taiwan.
Fairyland had many servers in several countries, but nowadays only one English server is remaining.


Lager finances this game using an Item Mall (accessable both ingame and via their website). Here people can (note: can, not must) buy items for real money. Whether this is interesting, I leave for you to decide. In general you can get a lot of items ingame by drops from monsters, or by winning clan competitions. Another way is trading in the market. The pro for the Item Mall is that you can get gear and items the moment you want them and without a lot of time-consuming hunting and frustration.


In Fairyland you can be either an Elf, Dwarf, or a Human.


At lvl 1, you can choose to become a:
-or Fighter

At lvl 10 you can then choose to join one of the following guilds:
-Acolyte of Light
-Acolyte of Dark


Animals walking around in Fairyland can be captured and trained for use on weapons, armor, magic and soul. Every character can catch a pet, but the beastmaster specializes in it and catches them much, much faster.


There are a lot of different basic and advanced workskills to make potions, metal, wood, cloth, and food. It is not advised to learn all of them though, you'll spend a lot of time working, and that way you can't play actively. It is much better to trade items with clanmembers. And best to do the working while you sleep in real life.


A party can exist of a maximum of 5 people. Together, you can solve quests, explore maps, or get experience.


Forsaken has a clan ingame called "Forsaken", leaded by Moiraine, Laelyne, Fireprincess and TmPoisenmT. Contact us ingame for information about joining.
Forsaken is a level 9 clan (maximum) with a maximum of 70 members.



You are in Fairyland to solve all the fairytales. Free Little Red Ridinghood's grandma, help Ali Baba recover his memory and many more European, Asian and Middle Eastern fairytales.



Forsaken vs Grey Kitty


Forsaken vs Little Rat King


Forsaken vs Rat King


Forsaken vs Rat king 2


Training video


Slime maze training


System requirements?


We advise using at least a Pentium III (800mhz) with a 64mb Graphics Card, 512mb internal memory and 4 GB harddisk space.


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7

Where can I get this game?




Are downloaded automatically.

Written by: Mat Cauthon

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