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About Diablo II

You can play with 7 different characters:
Barabarian: A fighter class; preffered weapons: all melee weapons.
Sorceress: A magic user who can wield the elemental powers like ice, fire and lightning.
Paladin: A fighter/teamplayer class, he uses his abilities to boost nearby friends.
Necromancer: A magic user who wield the power over death and decay; he can summon skeletons and other death based creatures.
Amazone: The archer class; she is the best fighter in ranged attack. She can magically enchance her arrows to either do fire damage or to shoot arrows in every direction. Preferred weapon: bow or spear.

Diablo II Lord of Destruction is the expansion of Blizzard's award winning game Diablo II.
The expansion brings:
-Assassin:A fighter class with some magic; he can set traps to fight his enemies and can do dam in melee.
-Druid:A hybrid fighter class; he can summon nature creatures to his side, he can call tornado's and shapeshift into a werewolf or werebear.
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The story is about de archdemons Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. These demons are after a powerful artifact so they can bring the hell to earth. And you are one of the heroes who sets out to defend humankind against this.



Diablo 1 to be uploaded


Diablo 2 to be uploaded


System requirements?

Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP. Vista and windows 7 may need to be run in compatibility mode.
Pentium II 233 mhz, 64 mb memory.
1.5 gb harddisk space.

Mac OS 8.1 or higher.


Where can I buy this game?

*Dynabyte (Diablo II 9.99, Lord of destruction expansion 9.99).

* Diablo II $19,99 / Lord of destruction expansion $ 19,99.



Up to 8 players in either lan or Battlenet.


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