What is Darkstone?

Darkstone is an Adventure RPG, developed by the French Delphine Software International (DSI), which unfortunately went bankrupt around the year 2004.
A pity they couldn't finish the promised Darkstone II, which would probably have been a lot like Diablo II.

Though Darkstone is a lot smaller then the more populair Diablo II, the game has a lot more dept then you would think at first sight. The game is really worth playing if you take the time.
Darkstone has full 360 degrees camera rotation and great camera-zoom capabilities.



You are a wandering Fighter / Amazone / Wizard / Priestess / Monk, who happens to visit a country where Draak -the former evil ruler and wizard- has just returned (after being send away before) to spread chaos and destruction.

It is up to you to save the poor villagers and get the 7 crystals -creating the Time orb- to take on Draak and defeat him in the 30 seconds he becomes vulnerable after using the merged crystals.

Of course, the 7 crystals are not that easy to take.....

The quests you have to solve each time you start a new game are random, meaning you hardly ever play exactly the same quests to get the crystals.

Besides the standard questmode, there are a few extra, such as Delphine's Journey in Uma, and fan-made Smoogz Ville, EvilKeepers, Into the Darkness, Corners of Chaos and The Graveyard

Not all of the fan-made quests can be finished, but they are fun anyway

Look at this webpage to download extra quests, the official questeditor ad the quest editor manual!



Darkstone Dungeon movie (Sorceress)


2 players in tcp/ip game and thief doing the light of Marghor quest.


System requirements?

Windows 98, 2000 and Xp. Vista and windows 7 may need to be run in compatibility mode.
It runs on a Pentium II with 128 mb memory, so your pc should be able to run it too.
It is unknow if the game will run using Vista.

This game is played over LAN using Hamachi.


Where can I buy this game?

*Darkstone is a bit hard to get, you can try Ebay and Amazon.

Supposedly EA Games holds the rights to Darkstone now, but they don't mention this at their website.



It is unknown what the maximum number of players in Lan is, but playing with more then 3 persons will get very crowded (the dungeon hallways are not that wide).


Manual and tools?

Download the official Darkstone Manual! (PDF Format)

Look here for some really nice tools that allow you to back-up and restore your characters, and to update your computer name in your save-files!

Note: Darkstone saves the computer name in all save files, so if you reinstall windows and use another name for your computer, you just lost all your characters! The tool ds-looker can solve this. It runs in dosmode!
>In windows XP, open Command prompt, type: \program files\Delphine Software\Darkstone\ press enter and now type dslooker -u


Written by: Mat Cauthon

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