Battlefield 1942



What is Battlefield 1942?

Battlefield 1942 is a first person shooter, playing in World War II.

You can choose between 2 sides: Axis, Allies.

You can choose from 5 personalities, each having their own special abilities:
-Anti tank

In game you can use all vehicles, like jeeps, tanks, boats and airplanes.

The road to Rome
-More maps
Secrets weapons of WOII
-More maps
-Better tanks, airplanes
Operation Desert Combat
-Different and better weapons, airplanes, tanks
-More maps
Forgotten Hope
-More and different maps
-More and different weapons, tanks, airplanes



Forsaken airplane movie 1


Forsaken airplane movie 2


Forsaken helicopter movie


System requirements?

We advise using at least a Pentium IV (1800mhz) with a 128mb Graphics Card, 1GB internal memory and 4 GB harddisk space.


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

This game is played over LAN using Hamachi.


Where can I buy this game?

*Battlefield + road to Rome + Secret Weapons is seen for sale in the Netherlands at "Free record shop" for €5,99 and "" for €9,99.

*You can also buy the game at for $9,99.



Up to 32 persons depending on the server.



Patch 1.61b >
Note: the patch from EA's website doesn't seem
to work (game crashes).

Download Desert Combat (free!) here: (Patch 1.61b needed to install) >
Desert combat 0.7
Desert Combat Final

Download Forgotten Hope (free!) here: (Patch 1.61b needed to install) >
Forgotten hope 1/3
Forgotten hope 2/3
Forgotten hope 3/3
Note: all 3 files of 700mb needed!

*Note: There are many other free patches, but we have selected the 2 mentioned above for there completeness and ease to install.d


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