Age of Empires III
+Warchiefs & Asian Dynasties



What is Age of Empires III?

Age of Empires III is in basic the same as the other Age of Empires games. You build a camp and an army and try to destroy your enemies.

The graphics of Age of Empires III however, are much nicer then the other Age of Empires games and a few new features are introduced:
-Trading posts, proving extra resources, -Native settlements, which you can befriend, -Experience points, which you gather while playing -Cards, which you can buy when gaining a level, providing your civilization with new options, -Treasures, which provide resources, or experience

In age of empires III you may command one of the following civilizations: British, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian and Ottoman.

The Warchiefs is one of two Age of Empires expansions. This expansion enables you to play 3 new Native races: Sioux, Aztec and Iroquois. These Races provide a whole new way of gameplay.

Asian Dynasties is the second expansion of Age of Empires III. THis expansion brings 3 new races with a different twist to the gameplay. When the host is using Asian Dynasties it is possible to join the game with the Warcraft Expansion.



As in the former age of empires series there is a campaign mode available.



Lan Gameplay #1


AOE3 #2 (to be uploaded)


System requirements?

Windows Xp, Vista, windows 7.
1.4 GHz processor
64Mb Graphic's card
2GB HD space

This game is played over LAN using Hamachi.


Where can I buy this game?

*Age of Empires III + Warchiefs is for sale at for 27,99. Also seen for sale on for $34,99.

*The Asian Dynasties expansion is for sale at for 19,99 and at for $27,99.



8 players, depending on the map.



Don't forget to update to version 1.13, Which can be done ingame, or click here to download.


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