Who are the Forsaken?

Clan Forsaken is founded by a group of people who became friends playing Travian together. The name Forsaken is derived from the fantasy novel "The Wheel of Time", of which the first two clanleaders are big fans.

At our first meeting we found out each of us played a lot of the same games, often alone, which are more fun playing together.

Most of these games don't have an online server and, thus, can only be played in a LAN.

After a bit of searching we discovered the virtual Lan network of Hamachi, which allows gamers to play these Lan games together, while not being in the same room, city, or even continent!

That's when 4 of us got together and decided to build a website and forum, allowing people from all over the world to meet eachother online and play these games.

With the difference, (between us and other game-websites), that we focus on 2 principles:

1) Build a website and forum that are very user-friendly. It is our purpose that if someone new joins, he or she understand the website and forum, just by looking at it.

2) People want to play Lan-games not with just anybody, but with people they know! Because of communication at our forum, use of headsets, and a wide offer of games, this is made possible.

All screenshots shown at the top of the game descriptions are made by Forsaken clanmembers.


We wish you a good time gaming!