How to sign up

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Age Of Empires Mat Cauthon
Fairyland Moiraine
Battlefield Mat Cauthon
Unreal Tournament Mat Cauthon
Darkstone Tuon
C&C Generals Mat Cauthon
Warcraft III Mat Cauthon
Diablo II LOD R_havin
World of Warcraft Garrethbryne
To sign up for this game send en e-mail to with:
-The name of the game(s) you want to join
-Your desired name(s)

Topic of the e-mail should be something like: "Sign me up WOW, AOE3 & Fairyland".

An e-mail will be replyed to you as soon as your account is ready.

Your e-mail adress will not be saved, sold or used for any other purpose besides sending your password.

If you happen to loose your password contact an Admin while playing the game, to verify it is you.
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How to sign up